Sinulog: Malapascua Style

Sinulog Pracktice

Spirit Fingers

The resort received a solicitation letter from the office of Malapascua’s business sector. The letter was asking for sponsorship for the island’s Sinulog Mardigras. Last week, Cebu’s festival of festivals was held in the city. I did not know Malapascua holds it annual mardigras and dance competition as well. For the unfamiliar, Sinulog is an annual festival done in the honor of Sr. Sto Niño (the child Jesus). You could read more about the festival and it’s schedules here.

Last night and early this morning I heard drumbeats. I was certain it was coming from one of the nearby basketball courts. So with my camera in tow, I searched for the source of the sound. I only had to walk for a good 3 minutes before I found the group of kids learning their moves to the beat of a drum ensemble. I feel for these kids, some of them were rehearsing with no shoes on under the heat of tropical sun. This being a religious festival, I am sure they are all doing it in the name of the Sr. Sto Niño. And perhaps to win tomorrow’s competition.

For those who want to witness tomorrow’s festivities, there will be a fluvial parade at 10 am. Those staying in resorts along Bounty Beach need not move much as it is the main route of the parade. At 2 pm, have your cameras ready as the “Grande” parade will be painting the beach in multitudes of color, dance, smiles and good spirit. Head to the Barrio’s basketball court to witness the Grand Showdown of the contingents at 4pm.

See all y’all there and send me some love when you see me with my cameras.

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