The Snapper

Ian Banagan

Malapascua is small, if you see this face give me a holler.

Always looking for visual inspiration you will see me walking around Malapascua armed with my camera. I consider myself a Photographer with an awesome regular job.

You may also see me at Purple Snapper Dive Resort, come see us and order something for dinner. If I’m not in the city, you’ll most likely taste my cooking. You could also stay with us if you so choose, book a room here. Holler at me if you need a shooting buddy. The island maybe small but it never runs out of interesting  things to snap.

Need a photographer? Don’t be shy to ask. I shoot weddings, engagements, vacation portraits, food, buildings, ad materials…really, anything that could fit in my camera. Out of island gigs are also welcome. Believe me, I won’t refuse a chance to travel, just like YOU. 😉 Feel free to see my works here.

For inquiries, comments, suggestions and violent reactions, scratch that last, send me a message in a bottle. You may also send me an email if you want a quicker response. Send some love to

In the mean time, please excuse me. A pot is getting hot and I am still strapped to my camera.

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