Map of Malapascua Island

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Useful information:

  • Public boats will drop you off in Logon. Yes, the galleon means something. If you are arriving in one please advise ahead of time. We’ll have Lapu-lapu waiting for you for a grand welcome. If you arranged boat transfers with your hotel you may ignore this bit. Public boats to and from Maya cost P50 per person. During low tide you will need a dinghy boat to take you to the public boat for P10 per person. Boats from Maya generally leave every hour until 5PM, however, if there are not enough passengers they will delay the trip until there are enough passengers (15-20 depending on size of the boat). Porters in Maya will always try to get you to take a private boat for P1,200 even if there’s a public boat leaving within the hour. If you have to take a private boat do negotiate to lower the price. You may also talk to other passengers to share the cost with you. From Logon, the last boat to Maya leaves at 2PM.
  • There are no Banks/ATM in Malapascua. Get your cash and  foreign currency changed before you come to the island. The closest ATM’s are in Bogo City, it is at least 1 hour by bus from Maya.
  • Bring a torch (flash light). We like guests to be able to find their way to their hotel/resort after a night of boozing and binging.
  • Insect repellents are always in fashion.
  • Bounty beach is the tourist hub but there are other pockets of white sands to be explored. I encourage you to find them.
  • You may pay a “habal-habal” (motorcycle driven by  local) P15 to take you to any point in the island.
  • You may also rent a motorcycle by the hour for P150.
  • The island is 1 km wide and 2.5 km long. Use your legs, it’s the cheapest form of  transportation and the best was to bask in the glorious views the island has to offer.
  • The lighthouse is the highest point in the island. You may trek to it. Please wear sensible footwear. Yes, I mean it.
  • Is diving not enough to get your adrenaline going? You could jump off a cliff. No, you don’t need to be suicidal to do it. There a spot resort in Guimbitayan called Los Bamboos. The cliff is on the north west corner of the island. Enjoy the great view before taking a leap. If you didn’t make it, at least you have a great view to remember.
  • “Sabong”-Cockfight is a big cultural novelty to travelers. It happens every Sunday in Logon. Everyone knows where it is. It wont take you longer that 15 mins to find it. This gambling/sporting event is not suited for animal lovers.
  • The best Burgers and Pizzas in the island are served by Purple Snapper Bar & Restaurant 😉 . Guest have mentioned it numerous times. It’s pointless to contradict them.
  • Have tons of fun! It’s fun is legal in Malapascua.

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