The Other End

Malapascua South End

Southern Cliffs

Malapacua’s south end is Sitio Guimbitayan. After walking through the church and the fishing village a small strip of sandy beach with the sea on both sides punctuates the  scenery into the hills and cliffs of Los Bamboos. Seeing the resort from the beach is a little underwhelming. It looks like a worn down resort covered with foliage. It is only upon reaching the far end of the resort that you get to witness it’s greatest assets-views that will take your breath away. I assure you, it will make you say ahh…malapascua and really mean it.

There are path ways to lead guests to the spots with the best views. The vegetation is quite thick which covers the views quite nicely. It serves as a welcome pause before the visual extravaganza that is to follow. The east side offers a clear view of lapus-lapus island. The sharp volcanic rocks have been carved perfectly by the sea, it is as if they are floating above water.

The east side is where you will find the view shown above. It is the highest part of the resort. I took this standing on a thin piece of solid rock about 5 feet wide. It gives anyone, without the fear of height, a generous 360° view  of pure visual delight. The hut seen in the picture sits on lapus-lapus insland. It serves as the watch tower to the “Bantay Dagat” (Sea Guard).

I wish I had a whole day to myself  and this part of Malapascua. I know I cannot have the best light in some parts of the day but I could picture myself just basking in the beauty of nature. The only breaks I will allow myself is to see what is hidden by the water. I hear it is also a great snorkeling and dive spot. What else could one ask for. Ahh…Next time. I will indulge myself in the gem that is Los Bamboos.

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