Petness First

Malapascua Kids and Pet Crabs

My Crab is Bigger Than Yours

It is always a joy to photograph local children. I was about to turn the corner of the hut in the background when I saw these kids with their “Agokoy” pets. When they saw me with my camera pointing at their pets they were all over me. I took a couple of exposures and when I showed them the back of the camere an explosion of shrieks and laughter followed. I knew I got them after that. So I knelt on the sand and took more exposures almost kissing the ground. I even had to use my elbow to keep my balance. It must have looked odd for them seeing me in all fours peeking at the viewfinder. I knew it will only take a few minutes before they get bored so I  pressed the shutter in quick successions hoping that I will get the shot. After standing up and wiping the sand off of my knees and elbows I quickly reviewed my shots and saw this picture. I think it depicts my experience quite nicely. 2 of them enjoying their pets while the other is looking at the camera with just enough catchlight to highlight her wondering yet smiling eyes. I knew I had to show them their pictures so I showed them the LCD once again. The joy in their laughter will reverberate in my head all year. It was a great way to end 2010.

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