Malapascua Twilight

Logon Beach Sunset

Yawning light, waking darkness.

The passing of a day

as the parting of lovers

is sad and beautiful.

Its beauty,

emotion evoking

and sadly eventually forgotten.


It was one of those days when a photographer wakes up and decides he is going to shoot something beautiful. I looked forward to the end yesterday to make up for the fiasco that was the other day; when while my lenses and filters were making love, an almost unnecessary phone call resulted to an equivalent of premature climax.  But that was the other day, yesterday was similar to the best second serving. It was not perfect, but it was…hmmm…well…it made me crave for a cigarette. LOL!


Nuff double entendres. This shot was taken from Logon Beach, actually the rocky left side of logon beach (Note to self: Take note of the name of the resorts that you trespass). I’ve  been looking for a place that would give me the best foreground for a sunset shot. I noticed this little cove of beach from my last boat trip back to Maya which I thought would be the best place to watch the sunset. I asked one of the Purple Snapper Dive Resorts’ bar maids about this little beach between the village and Blue Corals. Being the nice lady that she is she told me what its called and how to get there. After not following her instructions I got to this resort being fronted by this rock formation being licked by the sea: perfect for filtered long exposure shots. I may have missed my destination by a tad much as I could still see the beach from this place, but it turned out to be a right mistake.


Anyway, the island that you see on the upper right hand side is Dakit-dakit. I believe it is a dive and snorkeling sight (Another note to self: check out the island from under the surface). The farther island to its right is Chocolate island. If someone tells you you are going to Coral Garden, it also means you will be in the waters of Chocolate island.

I have taken the picture. Now go ahead and check it out. If you want me to show you the way to this place personally, just holler at me. How will you find me? Ask that nice lady in Purple Snapper Bar & Restaurant.

Another color burst tomorrow. In the mean time,


Live, love and dive.



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