Midday in Malapascua

Infrared Photography, beach scene Malapascua

Island Parking

As an InfraRED photography noobie, inspirations must be sought. If you think about it the only time I go out for a photo walk is when I am inspired. My inspiration could be by anything; something I saw in a magazine, a movie, images online, the weather. InfraRed Photography being a tad technical needs a little more digging.

When I bought a step up adapter in a camera shop in the city, the owner told me not a lot of people like infrared filters. They wonder why they are expensive yet give nothing but red images. All I could mutter then was, “Well Duh!” In photography, one must know what he is buying. It’s quite an expensive hobby, so don’t get crazy buying all the filters ever made. Before I went on eBay to look for my Hoya R72 filter I already had a knowledge about infrared photography, I would not have ordered the filter had I not known what it could do. While waiting for the filter I was reading “The Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography” by  Joe Farace and “Digital Infrared Photography Workshop” by Deborah Sandidge. I recommend both to InfraRED noobs like me.

I also browsed online and looked for what InfraRed photographs look like. I  fell in love with how it textures pop in infraRED photographs. Here’s one page where I draw inspiration from: http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/06/100-outstanding-and-inspirational-infrared-photos/ . Seeing those pictures make me want to capture similar images. So I decided to walk this afternoon. It was about noon when I went out the last time to shoot infraRed images. This time I waited until 1 pm. I’m glad I did. The books I’ve red mention that the best time to take infraRed photos is between 11am to 3pm. Having been out on both ends of that window I can now say it is better to shoot after lunch. You don’t have to miss a meal for infrared photography. For some reason the final images I took this afternoon were easier to  work on than those taken at 11am to 1pm. You may compare my previous infrared entries to this one. I may just be basing my opinion on personal taste. Let me know if my observation is whack. Pretty please.

Here are the links to my previous entries:



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