Avian Convention

Malapascua Wildlife

Bounty Birds

It was a blue bird day today in Malapascua. Actually it felt a little warmer than usual. Never the less it was a great opportunity to make use of the afternoon sun. So with my camera I walked towards the beach looking for something more than the usual. There was not much  going on  and having lived on the island for 6 months my eyes have been so used to it’s sceneries that everything seems too familiar. It’s like looking at your wife after being married for so long. LOL! Walking back to the resort I noticed a number of birds flying about. They all landed on this dead coconut tree with nothing but a spathe as the last reminder of its once flourishing mane. They would cling on the trunk for a couple of minutes, then one would fly and avian chaos ensued. It was fun watching them. It was not a wasted walk after all.

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