Easter Twister

A boy doing a twisted maneuver midair on the shores of malapascua during a busy easter.

Midair Maneuver

It’s easter and we had a busy morning at the resort. I had to cook for 40 people (give or take). So after the feeding frenzy I decided to go for a walk with my camera. It’s my first easter in Malapascua and I don’t know how people celebrate Christ’s ascent to heaven.

Where I come from; the ,identity confused, city/town of Tayabas (I’m not sure now if its classification has been settled), the people splash each other with water. It does’t matter if you are dressed up for an occassion, meeting or whatever. If you go out in the morning people will throw you a bucket of water. Some people get nasty that they use sewerage water. I also remember a time when coolers with tapioca balls were popular. Kids would blow the balls out of the straw aiming at their playmates. That year people looked like they had chicken pox. It is therefor not advisable to dress up on easter sunday in my home town.

In Malapascua, other than the disco with music reaching as far as Maya the night before it was the locals turn to frolic on the beach. I saw some kids jumping off moored boats, doing summersaults and just having a good time. I didn’t see no egg hunting going on.

So how’s your easter? Save them eggs for omelet tomorrow.

One thought on “Easter Twister

  1. That was cool, nambabasa pala ang mga tao kapag easter sunday, at ang masaya sa kanila, parang araw araw easter sunday because of the great place they have. Everyday was fun. ^^,v

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