Temporary Privacy

Teens enjoying the private beach of Los Bamboos Resort in Malapascua

Frolic in The Cove

Yesterday I once again visited Los Bamboos Resort. It’s a semi abandoned resort on the north end of Malapascua. It is semi abandoned as there are still people looking after the property. I even had to pay 20 to get inside the resort. The buildings are in disrepair, it’s former glory continuously fading.

It is beautiful, however its ruins convey a past of mismanaged grandiosity. I has it all, there’s a white beach in front of the resort. A narrow strip of white sand with a great view of the ocean on both east and west side. The old cottages sit on a hill with more than 180 degree view os the water below. It has a rocky private beach that opens into a great snorkeling site. Cliffs and rocky edges that will blow you way.  If I had a lot of money I’ll buy the place and create a Mini Santorini in Malapascua. I could just imagine serving great food during sunset with my guests sitting in front of a fireplace on top of the hill. It is in such a sad state but I am glad and I still see it whenever I want. With it’s amazing views, the 20 pesos entrance fee is a steal.

3 thoughts on “Temporary Privacy

  1. Beautiful. Is this available as a wallpaper in 1440×900?
    I can’t wait to return to Malapascua, Dec 20 – Jan 3. Diving with Evolution 🙂

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