Old Faithful

Daanbantayan Church in HDR Sta. Rosa Church in Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines

Sta. Rosa de Lima Church in Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines

5 days ago I left Malapascua to get supplies for the resort. The accountant was riding with me and asked to stop by the Daanbantayan Municipal Hall to get some documents. I noticed the church as I was looking for a place to park and I though to getting some exposures.

Being the first province to be invaded by the Spaniards Cebu has a lot old churches this one dates back to 1858. 12 years before the Philippine independence. That is quite late in the country’s history as the Spaniards arrived in the 1500’s. Apparently It was once part of Bantayan Parish, which is another island in Cebu.

I wish it were open that day. It would have been nice to see it’s interior.

3 thoughts on “Old Faithful

  1. I love the architecture. I would have been right up close and personal with the building. There are a lot of great photo opportunities there.

    Excellent photograph.


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