Splash & Swoosh

A pairless shoe on the shore of Malapascua's Bounty Beach

Left Behind

It’s your typical Malapascua seascape. A boat being maneuvered by bamboo poles into it’s mooring and a Nike Sneaker. A Nike Sneaker (please note that I am in no way endorsing this brand)? It is a shame how Bounty Beach is littered with such item. It is not the first time that I noticed a footwear  resting on the sands of Malapascua. Some of them are underwater. I have also seen other articles of clothing, from pants,  underwear to disposable diapers aside for the usual trash floating around.

For an island already popular with travelers I wonder if anybody else has noticed. Sure the guests do but how about the locals who live here day by day and are most likely the cause of the environmental degradation. Have the members of the local government seen this? And if they have will something be done?

Tomorrow I will walk the beach once more hoping this shoe is gone. If I see it I’ll pick it up and give it to the shoeless kids walking on the island. Whoever gets it wont even have to wait long to complete a pair. He only has to walk the beach or swim close to shore.

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