Golden Coast

HDR Photo Sunset Malapascua

Low Tide Revelation

I learned something when I was processing this HDR image. I learned that one must always check his ISO setting. I was very excited when I was transferring the raw files into my laptop. It’s only after loading the bracketed images into Photomatix Pro that i realized that my ISO setting was at 800. It was high enough that digital noise was very evident which made the processing, well, a pain in the butt. Despite that I’m glad I was able to still come up with a good image.

This image was also taken near Pilar’s Place in Malapascua. I was glad the tide was low. A lot was revealed when the tide has retreated. That includes sea urchins which would have gotten me had I not been wearing sensible shoes. Try walking barefoot on a sea urchin laden shore right after sunset and lets see who’s got luck on his side. Always carry a torch, that’s one thing I missed bringing. Be careful. DON’T be like me.

One thought on “Golden Coast

  1. You definitely live in paradise…gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your corner of the world. Don’t imagine you would ever want to be anywhere else!!

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