Fishing for Dinner

Fishing for DInner

Race to nourishment.

There are times when you see things and you think they are ordinary, however upon closer inspection you realize there’s more to them than what meets the eye.

I went to the beach this afternoon and saw 4 kids swimming. I thought they were just kids frolicking in the water. I was almost going to ignore then and walk to other way to look for better scenes to frame. When I gave them a second look I realized they were fishing in shallow water. A net was laid on the water effortlessly carried by rubber from old flip flops. From the other side of the beach these kids lure the fishes that they see with their goggles and masks by disturbing the water making big movements. Upon realizing this I sat on the beach between them and the net and waited for the right moment. As they made their move, I started snapping. Somewhere in between this image was captured.

Photo walking is good. But sometimes you just have to sit and open your eyes.

Please note that my lack of updates are brought about by internet service interruption. Yes, that was 2 weeks of real island life. It would have been complete had the power failed. We can now again say ahh…Malapascua.

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