Against The Wind

Malapascua Fisherman

Net Net Mo.

I know this entry’s title is from a cheesy 90’s love song. I still wonder whey the band is called Michael Learns To Rock when most of their songs make you want to kill yourself on valentines day but again, I digress.

The world’s climate has gone awry and Malapascua is feeling it. In the last few weeks the sky has been gray that I am starting to forget what to call that big ball of fire behind the clouds. The last 3 days have been a little different. Although not very much so. The sun (oh yeah, that’s what it’s called) has been playing peek-a-boo and the wind has been quite strong. Not strong enough to change the landscape but enough to prick your skin on the beach at it whips the sand. It is more evident on the north end of Bounty Beach beyond most of the resorts. I was walking this after noon and saw a fisherman fixing his net. Judging by the pile behind him, I think he’s got so much done. I also realized that weaving is a necessary fishing skill. There goes my fishing dream out the window.

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