The Other End


Los Bamboos

It has been more that two months since I moved to Malapascua. By now I should be able to say I have seen most of the island. I am failing in epic proportions. Today is an attempt to turn it around. I decided no to photograph anything in bounty beach so off on a motorbike I went. My guide took me to a place called “Los Bamboos”. It is literally on the oposite end of the island. At first I thought it was another resort. In fact I know that not a lot of people stay there because it’s too far from the main beach. But it is not just another resort, the property sits on a hill and waking past the cottages brings you to a rocky cliff with this view. I was told I could jump from the top of the rocks but my priority today is to photograph, in the near future I will conquer that rock. I encourage people to check the place out. It is truly majestic. Something not to be missed. If you are not a guest of the resort you will be asked to pay P20. Believe me, it is a steal.

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