Dropping Anchor

Manually Dropping an anchor

Look ma! By hand!

The other day, as the boat was approaching Malapascua I carefully managed to sit on the bow of the boat. I advise everyone to not follow my example if you see any form of waves ahead of you, it must only be done when the see is calm unless you want to shower in salt water before you get to the island. Yes, the water the comes out of the shower here is a tad salty. Unless you want to bath in bottled water, it is not likely that you will be able to avoid it.

Anyway, after numerous boat rides to and from Maya I already knew the boat crew’s behavior. Anticipating what’s going to happen I got my camera ready, what I did not do is attach the proper lens. There was a post in the middle of the deck of the boat and taking the shot behind it will slice the frame. So I sat in front of it with my 35 mm and took the shot.

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