Exterior Privacy

Sitting on the outrigger boom.

The Perfect Spot to Reflect

I went to Maya Port today to retrieve the iMac we left in the car the other day coz of fear of losing it in the rough seas. It’s funny how the weather became agreeable the next day. Anyway, once the boat was well on it’s way to maya this deckhand carefully walked out of the boat and into the outrigger boom to sit and enjoy the scenery, something imposible to do 2 days ago. I lowered my camera on the side of the boat, holding on to it very tightly while pointing it to the deckhand’s direction. There no way I could have looked at the viewfinder so I did some test shots then looked at the lcd to see if I got the proper exposure. After a few attempts I finally found the sweet spot. As sweet as the spot he was in. I wish I could try sitting on the same spot but I know the boat crew will not let me.

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