Malapascua Lighthouse

Malapascua Lighthouse

Sailors' Aid

Towering over the island the Malapascua Lighthouse is classified as a major lighthouse. One may reach it on foot by trekking to the other end of the island if you are staying in one of the many resorts in Bounty Beach. If you have become too laid back, which is not hard to achieve, you may rent a bike or better yet have one of the local boys bring you to the foot of the hill it sits on. Unfortunately you cannot avoid trekking all together as the lighthouse could only be reached by foot once you get to Guimbitayan. The best time to see it is either daybreak or sunset. If you decide to do it at dusk, do bring a torch. And please wear sensible shoes. Believe me, reaching it barefoot could be bloody. So don’t say no one ever told y’all.

There is not much in it’s information plate, below are what I was able to gather:

  • The lighthouse is property of the Philippines
  • It’s a Major Lighthouse
  • It was rehabilitated for maritime safety improvement
  • It could be found at the this coordinates: Lat. 11 20 42 N; Long 124 06 37 E

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