Pus’it Pus’it Some Squid

Wooden Prawn

Fake Bait

A few weeks ago at Bounty Beach, I stumbled upon a fake bait in one of the boats baking broiling under the Malapascua sun. Unfortunately I did not have my camera then, and I did not take note of the color of the boat it was in. I told myself I will have to get a picture of that bait sometime in the near future even if  I have to look at all the boats in Bounty Beach. In the following photo walks that I made on the beach, I did not see that fake bait. I was thinking, perhaps the fisherman has changed his routine and decided not to leave his bait in his boat, or has moved to the other side of the island. I spotted the bait last week but like the first time I did not have my camera. I allotted a space in my memory bank for the boat containing the bait. White faded blue and green. Not a very big one. On my last walk I spotted the boat right away, above is one of the resulting snaps.

I did not know what it was used for. My guess was it is used to catch big fishes, like the tuna that they sell on the island everyday. I asked one of out staff at the resort and she told me it’s used to catch “Nukos”: Squid. I could not be more wrong. LOL!

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