Approaching Malapascua


Tail Boat

A deckhand sits on the edge of the stern of an outrigger boat on the way to Malapascua.

As I return to Malapascua yesterday and did not want to waste the camera I was lugging all day. It was raining, light was dying and I got tired of taking pictures of my fellow passengers.  I was about to put my camera in my bag when the deckhand tried to navigate to the stern of the boat on a wavy journey. When he finally settled on the edge of the boat I decided it was not the right time to put my camera away. I though of how I will take the shot.

It’s great that I’m currently reading, “Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision” by David duChemin. I consider it a book for those who have read the proper requisites-the technical know how of photography. It helps photographers envision their shots. How to make a viewer feel a photograph. Please know that I don’t know the author personally, and that I am not getting anything favors by talking about  this book. I just believe it’s a helpful book for those looking for resources about the creative process of photography.

So, with the dying light and unfriendly weather, how was I going to get a proper exposure without having everything blurred. Without thinking I decided to just take a few shots. I was right to expect that blurring was inevitable. I pushed the ISO but i was not helping much despite fully opening the aperture. I did want the water to blur to evoke a sense of speed but I still wanted to keep the boat and the deckhand slightly  focused, if not fully sharp. I decided to pop the fill flash and set it to rear (I did not bring my speedlite). It was not love at first snap but I eventually got it right. It is not the perfect shot but sometime rules have to get out of the window. It fulfilled my vision and isn’t that what a photographer seeks for. Despite my camera getting wet by the rain and me looking silly holding on to a post with my arms around it while trying to get things right, I think it was all worth it.

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