Starry Starry Malapascua Night

Malapascua Night Sky

Spot Orion

I was in the mood to shoot star trails all day. I almost wanst able to shoot but the disco in one of the barrios kept me up. There is a festival going on and the locals way of celebrating is by having an outdoor disco with a sound system enough to send music to the moon.  So instead of plugging my ears to induce sleep I rushed to the beach with my camera and tripod. Just when I have spotted polaris, I realized I did not have my camera remote control, hence there was no way I could use the bulb setting to capture star trails. I was too lazy to go back to the resort so I just chose to shoot anything under the bright moonlight at the largest aperture and 30 second exposure.

I saw Orion and started looking for a viable foreground. This coconut tree was my instant favorite. I know my composition does not really highlight orion. I made a number of exposures but my lack of helpful equipments (i.e. flashlight to help the camera focus) got in the way. One must always plan his shoot, rushing with just a cam and a tripod is not the best idea to shoot a night. I will shoot again soon and I will make sure I am fully prepared to capture my desired shot.


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