Malapascua in HDR

Malapascua HDR

Barrio Beach?

As the new kid in town, I don’t know the names of all the beaches on the island. Just like this one. The resort staff one time told me this is Logon Beach, another time they said this beach does not have a name. Since this fronts the Barrio, I am calling this Barrio Beach in the mean time, until it’s proper name is confirmed.

It was, as the case is most of the time, a colorful Malapascua sunset. With the resort not being busy today, I decided to grab my gear and walk west. Having spotted this scene, I set up the tripod on the beach, pulled my filters out and started shooting long exposures. As the last ray of light illuminate the sky, I decided to  have my last 3 exposures bracketed to create an HDR image. Was I glad to make that decision. I used 2 graduated filters, one blue, the other orange. I turned the orage upside down to give my foreground an orange glow.

Malapascua sunset never disappoints. If only I had  bottle of Merlot or even just a bottle of ice cold beer, dusk would have been perfect.

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