Odd Vegetation

Flowering Leaf

Flowering Leaf

I’m back in Malapascua. It has been four days since I drove to the city and I am so happy to be back at the resort with wifi already available. I have posted my previous entries during my visits to the city but now I can finally post pictures fresh from my shoots.


Above is an unusual plant growing in Purple Snapper Dive Resort’s front garden. With an extension tube attached to my 35mm lens I was able to magnify this leaf of the plant which for some reason looks like it’s growing a flower on itself. I maybe wrong, it maybe a new sprout of leaves but this theory is debatable too as the growth looks like a flower.


Anyway, for photographers who do not have the budget to get a macro lens, extension tubes are the next best thing. One caveat though, extension tubes makes focusing a little harder as it tends to have a very shallow depth of field.

4 thoughts on “Odd Vegetation

  1. Interesting shot. Some plants have ‘babies’ that can be detached and grown on as independent plan ts. In nature they fall off the mother plant and root where they fall. This looks like what you have here. I like the shot.

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