Transportation Contrast

First Class Vs Economy

First Class Vs Economy

This was taken yesterday as I looked out the window after my morning shower. Don’t worry, I was clothed when I took a peek. It was interesting to see the same mode of transportation, in such contrasting classes, crossing the Hilutungan Channel.

I tried googling those islands in the back ground but google map has not tagged them. I believe they are part of the province of Bohol. Come to think of it, I have lived here for years and I still do not know the names of the islands that greet me in the morning. There’s got to be something wrong with me. LOL! In case you’re wondering, this is taken from our condo in Punta Engaño in Lapu-lapu City.

I’ll be driving back to the island tomorrow. I’m dreading the drive but I am looking forward to be back in paradise.

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